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Panjgur incident is an attempt to create mistrust b/w Pakistan and Iran: Analysts
January 19, 2023

Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Asif Yasin Malik (Defense Expert): The Panjgur incident of cross border firing from Iranian soil in which four brave soldiers were martyred is very unfortunate and an attempt to sabotage peace of the region. Geographically, Pakistan has a very long and porous western border with Afghanistan and Iran mostly consists of mountainous terrain having large gaps. It is very difficult for any country of the world to protect each inch of its border against foreign infiltration. Although, Pakistan has fenced most of its western border, but still it is not possible to have an eye on such porous border round the clock. In the recent incident that took place on western border, the terrorists used Iranian soil to target security forces inside Pakistani territory. It seems to be an attempt by our enemies with a purpose to create mistrust between Iran and Pakistan. Earlier, Iran also reported several incidents of cross border terrorism from Pakistani side which were timely sorted out by Pakistan. Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan which is sponsored by India is the main terrorist organistaion which is creating security problems with Pakistan alongside western border. The leadership of both brotherly countries should sit together and take strategic level decisions to face this common challenge of terrorism.

Lt Gen (Retd) Talat Masood (Defense Analyst): Iran isa sovereign country and a very time tested friend of Pakistan. The recent incident of firing that took place at Pak-Iran border can be considered as an event of mismanagement at border. The geography of the western border area is like a terrain and not possible for Iran and Pakistan to check infiltration all the times. The enemies of peace took advantage of this situation and tried to hatch the conspiracy to create mistrust between Iran and Pakistan. The political unrest and weak writ of interim government in Afghanistan is providing an opportunity to peace spoilers and establish safe heavens there. As the area is a common border among Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan so a coordinated strategy devised by regional countries is needed to counter this menace of terrorism.