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One-year performance report of PTI Govt launched highlighting achievements in different sectors
August 18, 2019

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information on Sunday launched the one year performance report of PTI Government highlighting the achievements in different sectors.

Addressing the ceremony in connection with one-year performance ceremony of the PTI government in Islamabad today, she said Prime Minister Imran Khan's vision is to transform Pakistan on the principles of State of Madinah with characteristics of merit, justice, rule of law, social welfare and austerity.

She said noticeable improvements have been made in postal services, NHA, railways, and many other government departments.

 Referring to her ministry, Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan said reforms have been brought in PTV and it is becoming a profitable institution now.

She said the links of Associated Press of Pakistan are being increased with international news agencies so that it projects positive image of Pakistan abroad.

The Special Assistant said the government, through its policies and reforms process, will also turn Radio Pakistan into a profitable institution so that it truly becomes voice of 220 million people.  

She said a new system of online advertisements will be introduced in Press Information Department. She said the performance of External Publicity Wing will be improved and it will also monitor the progress of press officers abroad.

Addressing the ceremony, Special Assistant Naeem ul Haq said Pakistan is passing through a turning point in history in the backdrop of Kashmir situation.

He said whole nation is united over protesting the unilateral and illegal act of India.

The Special Assistant assured that government will take every step to help Kashmiris achieve their aim of liberation. 

Referring to domestic situation, he said when the government assumed power the economic situation was critical.  He said the government received an empty treasury and was not even in a position to run its day to day affairs.

Naeem ul Haq said Pakistan sought friendly countries' help as well as taking austerity measures and a number of steps to ameliorate the economic situation.

He said the government also launched big projects like provision of housing for people of lower income backgrounds.

He said development budget has been enhanced from 500 billion rupees to 900 billion rupees.

Special Assistant said 114 schemes have been started under Ehsaas program to help poor people stand on their own feet.