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PM inaugurates Rs 100 bln "Kamyab Jawan Program"
October 18, 2019

Prime Minister Imran Khan has reiterated the resolve of his government to promote the culture of merit and honesty in the country.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony of Kamyab Jawan Program, one of PTI government's flagship initiatives, in Islamabad this evening, he said youth are future of Pakistan and our destiny depends on them.

He said PTI government strongly believes in merit and transparency and summary of Kamyab Jawan program is a program of merit.

Imran Khan said only those nations move forward in the world that follow the rule of merit.

He said as a result of establishment of state of Madina by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the Muslims ruled the world for over a thousand years. He said meritocracy and uprightness were hallmarks of the state of Madinah which helped it succeed.

The Prime Minister said the main reason for demise of Muslims in the world was the adoption of monarchy and not giving democratic rights to their society. Imran Khan said the Mughal Empire went to decline as they did not follow the rule of merit.

He urged the youth to read about the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as he is a role model for the whole world.

He congratulated all stakeholders for launching the first phase of program for youth of the country.

Imran Khan said Youth Skills Foundation will be set up for youth of the country and he will personally monitor the programme to check its progress.

He said minorities, being equal citizens of Pakistan, will also benefit from the programme alike. He said a uniform system of education will be introduced into the country to streamline the society. The Prime Minister said the next programmes to be launched for youth are Green Youth Movement, and StartUp Pakistan.

The Prime Minister said we need to change our mentality to become a self-reliant and self-esteemed nation. For this, we will need to develop a culture of paying taxes to make the economy working.

Earlier, addressing the function Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Youth Affairs Usman Dar said this program will take our youth to prosperity.

He said Kamyab Jawan program is the first step on the promise made by Prime Minister Imran Khan to make the youth employed. He said 68 percent of Pakistan's population consists of youth.

Usman Dar regretted that previous governments failed to devise policies for the development of youth.

He said our government has prepared the country's first Youth Development Framework, under which work is being carried out in six areas.

Loans fewer than 100,000 rupees will be without interest and will be distributed on priority basis in 45 under privileged districts.

Under Kamyab Jawan Program, one hundred billion rupees will be distributed among youth as loans for their business ventures.

The youth are being provided loans under three categories. It is anticipated that the program will benefit one million youth.

Two hundred feasibilities have also been made available online to help assist the youth in working on business ideas. Under the program, ten billion rupees will be spent on skills education and one hundred smart laboratories will be established to impart the modern skills to youth.

A program component will also provide twenty five thousand youth apprenticeship opportunities with the industry. Five hundred skills laboratories will also be established in Madaris.

A quota of twenty five percent has been allocated for women to increase their share in the national economy. Kamyab Jawan program has been prepared under National Youth Development Framework and it will act as milestone to make youth of the country independent.

The program will help cope with unemployment and poverty. An integrated system has been developed for transparent and modern scrutiny of applications.

Earlier, briefing media about the programme in Islamabad, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Youth Affairs Usman Dar said the programme is fully focused on ensuring employment opportunities to the youth, providing them proper platforms to excel.

Usman Dar said no amount of people's tax is incurred on the programme as it is supported by UN Development Programme.

He said the government also devises state of the art digital platform for the youth to help them achieve their goals of a bright future.

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