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Death anniversary of poet Asghar Saudai observed
May 17, 2024

The 16th death anniversary of noted poet Prof. Asghar Saudai was observed on Friday.

He was the man of letters, who coined a famous Pakistan Movement slogan that had put new life into the struggle for independent homeland, an endeavour that culminated into emergence of Pakistan on the global scene.

Sialkot-born Prof. Saudai was the creator of famous Pakistan Movement slogan, ‘Pakistan Ka Matlab Kya, La Ilaha Illalah’ born on Sep 17, 1926, the noted poet and educationist received education from Murray college Sialkot and Islamia college Lahore and later joined Islamia college in Sialkot as lecturer.

He died on May 17 in 2008 in Sialkot.