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National unity and harmony can bring peace and stability in the country: Analysts
May 17, 2023

Dr. Syed Muhammad Ali (Political Analyst):  The indigenous statement after the National Security meeting is very welcoming and a constructive approach has been adopted by the civil and military leadership that national unity and harmony is the only way to bring the country out of the crisis. There is a dire need that all the political parties should sit together to find out the ways to end this political instability and take Pakistan towards growth and development. Due to the unilateral and unconstitutional decisions of a particular political party is the main reason for the prevailing instability. The political party must realize that its dirty politics are not in the interests of Pakistan and is also alarming for its future as well. If it is serious in prioritizing national interests then it must win the trust of the nation, state institution and armed forces and should prove that it is not following any foreign agenda. The civil and military leadership are on the same page that the miscreants, planners, instigators and facilitators involved in 9 May riots will be brought into justice. Moreover, the leadership also reiterated that such violent acts will not be tolerated in future.

Brig (Retd) Said Nazir (Defense Analyst): It is an alarming stage as DG ISPR also stated that PTI workers have done what the enemies of Pakistan could not do in 75 years. PTI was building an anti-Pakistan narrative for the last one year. Now the provoked PTI workers have attacked the historic buildings in the country including Jinnah House and others. Moreover, the PTI Chairman was using awkward language against the civil and military leadership. But now the civil and military leadership have taken a timely and wise decision to deal with the miscreants of these violent incidents with iron hands and they will be punished according to the law. 

Rana Ihsaan Afzal (Coordinator to PM): The riots in the country were planned as the PTI leadership gave names like "Mir Jaffar" and "Mir Sadiq" to the army leadership. The Indian media and its political leaders expressed happiness whatever happened in our country on 9 May. The violent incidents must be condemned in a strong manner. It is still the time that all the stakeholders should sit together to find a way out to come out of the prevailing economic instability.