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United and continued efforts needed to raise awareness against Islamophobia: Analysts
March 15, 2023

Dr. Qibla Ayaz (Chairman Council of Islamic Ideology): Islamophobia or hatred against the Muslims has history. Islamophobia changed its shape with passage of time, and it is now more like an economy while another dimension is racism. The main thinking in the west is that white-people population is decreasing whereas the population of non-white people is increasing, which is becoming a threat for their economy, jobs and lifestyles. It is a great development that the United Nations adopted a resolution designating March 15 as the International Day to Combat Islamophobia and the UN adopted a landmark resolution introduced by Pakistan. Muslims across the globe have always been a part of civilization. Our religion Islam is a religion of welfare of the society.

 Dr. Amir Raza (Professor at University): Whatever is reported through media will definitely have impacts on the society. The places where the Muslims are in majority even in European countries, the concept of Islamophobia is near to negligible. Islamophobia in Europe manifests itself through individual attitudes and behaviours. Unfortunately, anti-Muslim hatred has risen to epidemic proportions as widespread negative representations of Islam, fear of Muslims. The United Nations General Assembly unanimously adopted a landmark resolution introduced by Pakistan on behalf of the OIC countries designating 15 March as the International Day to Combat Islamophobia.

 Dr. Muhammad Tufail (Religious Scholar):: The word Islam itself meant for peace and co-existence. So Islam is a religion of peace and prosperity. The Qur’an calls its way ‘the paths of peace’. It states that God abhors any disturbance of peace. A perusal of the Qur’an shows that most verses of the Qur’an and also the Hadith are based on peace and kindness, either directly or indirectly. Pakistan makes the world realize that Islam is a religion of peace and love. Pakistan played a key role at the United Nations in the adoption of March 15 as the International Day to Combat Islamophobia. Unfortunately, Muslims continue to be the target of hate, bullying, and discrimination as a result of the stereotypes that were perpetuated by Islamophobic elements particularly after 9/11 incident.