Wednesday, 05 October 2022, 12:38:54 am
Analysts hail Pakistan’s strong support to Saudi Arabia’s territorial integrity
August 13, 2022

Dr. Zahid Anwar (IR Expert): Pakistan strongly condemns the terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia. No country other than Pakistan can understand the extent of human and material damage due to this menace. Islamabad and Riyadh have strong bilateral relations and regularly consult each other on issues of importance. Muslim countries have to band together to take collective measures against terrorism. Pakistan has fought a successful war against terrorism and eradicated this menace from the country. Pakistan firmly stands by Saudi Arabia in overcoming all the challenges.

Shahid Amin (Former Ambassador): Terrorist attacks by Islamic fundamentalists are occurring in many countries, including Saudi Arabia.This is not the first time that a terrorist attack has hit Saudi Arabia. The current leaders of Saudi Arabia have brought many revolutionary changes in the country. These changes also include improved relations with Israel that could invite the wrath of fundamentalist groups. Saudi Arabia is our oldest and best friend and Pakistan strongly condemns this attack and stands with Saudi people in this difficult time.