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PM formally inaugurates Al-Qadir University at Sohawa
March 12, 2021

Prime Minister Imran Khan terming education vital for national development has said that preparing a lot of knowledgeable and talented youth with moral strength is need of the hour.

Addressing a ceremony at Al Qadir University in Sohawa today (Friday), he emphasized on an education system that act as means of self-development and a source of bringing positive change in the society.

Imran Khan said knowledge is the main element that distinguishes between humans and animal species, and emphasized on the significance of literacy meeting the needs of both contemporary world and the hereafter.

He stressed academic research at university with a purpose to benefit the humanity and said it is time to prepare the youth to adopt best learning practices of international standards to acquire knowledge.

He said he wants to transform the system of Al Qadir University similar to that of Egypt’s Al Azhar University, a prestigious institution of the world.

He desires introduction of scholarships for hardworking and brilliant students at Al-Qadir University to help them carry out studies and contribute to development of country.

Besides taking inspiration from the West in technological development, the Prime Minister said, there are several aspects of their culture such as truth and honesty that merited replication.

He mentioned that the corrupt practice of vote-purchase, as recently seen in Pakistan polls, is out of question for the western leadership and parliaments.

Earlier, the Prime Minister planted a sapling in the premises of Al Qadir University.