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Pakistan ripe for investment: Masood Khan
September 12, 2023

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Masood Khan has termed Pakistan as ripe for investment as the country is inviting investments from the United States and the Gulf region.

He made these remarks while addressing Pakistan America Business Forum Annual Award Banquet 2023 in Dallas area of Texas State in the United States.  

He said China is already making investment through CPEC projects and the Pakistan has invited Gulf region to participate in extractive industries and they are partnering with many European and North American firms. He said this is creating a huge opportunity for more investment in Pakistan. Since the infrastructure is there, so step into that market.

The Ambassador thanked Chairman PABF Waqar Khan, President Anwar Azam and other PABF members for providing him with the opportunity to highlight business potential of the country.

He also acknowledged  Texas State Repre Salman Bhojani, Mayor Richardson Mayor Bob Dooley, Mr. Shamsul Aarifeen, Abdul Khabir and others for their presence in the event.

Meanwhile, addressing leading businessmen and entrepreneurs, Masood Khan said with the presence of 80 US enterprises, there are already exists a vast infrastructure in Pakistan for investment. He said there are ample opportunities available in Pakistan.

To streamline business activities and investment, the Ambassador suggested establishment of a forum, either in Dallas, Houston or any other part of the United State, to address specific issues related to regulatory regime in Pakistan, ease of doing business in the country, repatriation of profits and other issues that are confronted by the business community and potential investors.

The Ambassador highlighted mining sector, agriculture, education, health, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, biotechnology which were opening up to the world and offering huge dividends to investors and business community.

Highlighting decades long partnership between Pakistan and the United States, the Ambassador observed that Pakistan chose the United States over others as its friend.

He observed that as Pakistani-American continue to come to the United States, they enrich the landscape of Pakistan and they continue to build bridges between Pakistan and the United States,”.

He said that Pakistan is a country of a great potential and we would be amongst the top ten economies and the strongest countries in the world.

He told the audience to dismiss all negative chatters about the country and invited them to personally visit the country and witness its potential.

The Ambassador highlighted that there are more than 82 million people comprising middle class of the country, adding that Pakistan is making progress in many sectors.  He assured the audience that the country would emerge successful in overcoming its present challenges.  

Recalling unwavering support of Pakistani-American community, Masood Khan said that Pakistani American have always stood with Pakistan. They will continue to support Pakistan and its economy with their investment and positive contributions.

Noting the presence of around one million Pakistanis in the United States, the Ambassador advised Pakistani-American to launch themselves as a community and make bridges between Pakistan and the United States even stronger.