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8th phase of Khalistan Referendum being held in UK cities today
January 09, 2022

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The eighth phase of Khalistan Referendum is being held in the Leeds and Luton cities of the United Kingdom on Sunday.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service, said a referendum for a separate Sikh homeland started from London on 31st of October last year and over 30,000 Sikhs participated in the first phase of Khalistan referendum in London.

The report said that Indian attempts to stop Sikh referendum exercise in the United Kingdom failed miserably as Modi tried hard to stop the referendum in the UK. Khalistan referendum seeks votes from Sikh Diaspora for separate homeland for Sikhs.

The report maintained that Khalistan referendum had sent a strong message to India to end discrimination against Sikhs, saying its findings would be shared with the United Nations and other international bodies to create wider consensus.

The Sikh referendum will also take place in future in the United States, Canada, Australia and the Indian Punjab.