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Chairman NDMA represents Pakistan in ADPC’s regional consultative committee meeting
December 08, 2022

A three-day Regional Consultative Committee meeting in collaboration with the Office of Civil Defense Philippines and Asian Disaster Preparedness Center was held in Manila, Philippines.

The theme of the meeting was "Sustainable Resilience through Inclusive Governance".

Chairman National Disaster Management Authority Lt Gen Inam Haider Malik represented Pakistan in the 17th session of RCC meeting.

He apprised the forum about the catastrophic state of recent floods in Pakistan.

He emphasized that unless ‘Global Climate Goals’ are benchmarked like SDGs, climate erratic recurring events will impact all across the regions.

The Chairman NDMA also underscored the need for sharing of latest technology from developed countries to help build a scenario based early warning system in countries like Pakistan being severely affected by the climatic changes.

He suggested global academia connectivity through institutions like National Institute of Disaster Management Pakistan, to enable research exchange on disaster management and climate change for collective benefit of all regions.