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Foreign Secretary vows to fortify partnership b/w Pakistan, ASEAN in all spheres
June 08, 2023

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Foreign Secretary Dr Asad Majeed Khan has reaffirmed Pakistan's commitment of fortifying the partnership between Pakistan and ASEAN in all spheres, in line with its East Asia Vision.

The desire was expressed at a roundtable meeting with the resident ASEAN Heads of Missions in Islamabad on Thursday.

In a meeting, he underlined Pakistan's policy of proactive engagement with the ASEAN member states both bilaterally, and in the multilateral context.

He also mentioned the Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari's participation in the ASEAN Regional Forum in Cambodia in 2022 and his subsequent visits to Indonesia and Singapore in December 2022, and Pakistan's participation and support for various ASEAN specific initiatives which showed Pakistan's commitment to the ASEAN and its processes.

The secretary further outlined actions taken by Pakistan to enhance engagement with ASEAN and reiterated the importance of making the best use of institutional tools available on bilateral and ASEAN-wide level.

The Foreign Secretary also briefed the Heads of Missions on the projects proposed and implemented by Pakistan with ASEAN during 2021-2023, in line with the ASEAN-Pakistan Practical Areas of Cooperation agreed between the two sides.

These include the already executed Diplomatic courses for ASEAN diplomats and Training program in Banking and Finance for the central bank officials of the ASEAN member states and the training program on Cyber Security and a Pakistan-ASEAN Business Opportunities Conference scheduled in the later half of this year.

ASEAN member states shared valuable inputs for the enhancement of Pakistan-ASEAN relations. High Commissioner of Malaysia, and the chair of ASEAN Committee in Islamabad, Azhar Bin Mazlan shared a plan of action for the year 2023 including projects and events to be implemented in Pakistan during 2023.

Pakistan is a Sectoral Dialogue Partner of ASEAN since 1993 and is also a member of ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) since 2004.