Friday, 07 October 2022, 09:32:01 pm
Analysts urge for tolerance in society, not to succumb to hateful campaigns of vested interests
August 07, 2022

Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Raza Muhammad Khan (Defense Analyst): We need to strengthen defamation laws in Pakistan as currently they are designed for individuals and not institutions. In addition, they have lenient punishments for violators. The incumbent government can pass PECA Ordinance to tighten noose around those who are causing anarchy through social media. A cyber security organization also needs to be set up at the federal level that works independently of FIA. The organization should have the support of all relevant federal agencies to work together on such issues. More efforts are required to educate people, especially youth, that how their minds are being hijacked and poisoned. The role of academia and related organizations like media is very important to create awareness among people. The retired personnel of armed forces and people of whole Pakistan are saddened over this negative campaign against the security institutions.

Farah Azeem Shah (Spokesperson, Balochistan Government): Pakistan is facing a hybrid war by its enemies to destabilize it. The enemies could not dent the country by other means and have now started other ploys to weaken us. Pakistan is facing a big risk from social media as our people do not know its dangers. Our religion and Holy Quran have clearly instructed us that we should not pass any information that is not verified. Our people are becoming a tool of enemies without knowing it. We have taken two initiatives. First, we have formed an association of social media page handlers so that they could be educated about important national issues. Balochistan government has taken another initiative by starting classes in schools, colleges and universities in which students will be given the teachings of Islam regarding social issues.   

Dr. Qibla Ayaz (Chairman, Council of Islamic Ideology): We need to work together to create harmony and tolerance in society. It is the holy month of Muharram which gives us the lesson of sacrifice and efforts. Recently, Islamic Ideology Council invited all leading religious scholars of the country and a proclamation was signed in which it was agreed that we will live together, and ensure that stability of Pakistan and Ummah is not compromised due to our sectarian differences. In addition, we need to respect members of all faith.