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Analysts urge Interim Afghan govt to prevent use of Afghan soil against Pakistan
May 07, 2024

Dr. Farooq Adil (Analyst): The interim Afghan government needs to look into its own pocket before pointing to others. The terrorists having safe hideouts in Afghanistan are using Afghan soil to target the economic projects in Pakistan in order to destabilize our country. Basically, the Afghan government is lacking the writ on entire Afghanistan. Pakistan on the other hand always talked about peace and stability in Afghanistan but unfortunately the response from Afghan government is completely opposite. Recently, a plot to kill Chinese engineers in Besham was hatched in neighboring Afghanistan. It is also unfortunate that some elements within our country are also promoting the agenda of anti-Pakistan elements. One of the so-called political parties in Pakistan that is also responsible for the riots in the country on the 9th May is main culprit working the foreign agenda against Pakistan. The elements involved in 9th May riots must be dealt with iron hands.

Dr. Muhammad Khan (Defense/IR Analyst): Whatever the DG ISPR stated in the press briefing is based on truth and the ground realities. For the last two decades, Afghan soil is being used against Pakistan. Unfortunately, the Afghan government is supporting the militant organizations carrying out terrorism in Pakistan. We have provided refuge to over 4 million Afghan refugees but it is the Afghan government that always forgets the goodwill gestures of Pakistan. DG ISPR exposed the target killing of Chinese engineers in Besham was hatched in neighboring Afghanistan. However, China and Pakistan have expressed determination to continue the CPEC despite the conspiracies from the other countries. China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a project for the entire region and it must be realized that it is not against the sovereignty of any country. It is for the economic uplift of the regional countries. Pakistan will not compromise on the security of the CPEC and the engineers working on it.