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Govt adhering to austerity drive to save precious public money
March 07, 2021

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The government is adhering to the austerity drive to save the precious public money.

According to the official data, the expenditures of the Prime Minister's House and Prime Minister's office have significantly been reduced.  218 million rupees were allocated in the last fiscal year to meet the operating expenses. However, only forty six million rupees were used.

Similarly, a considerable amount of ten million rupees were saved out of the allocated budget for the travel and transportation.

In addition to that, a visible reduction of budget can be seen under the head of entertainment and gifts from 1.5 million rupees to just only one thousand rupees.

As far as expenditures on physical assets are concerned a reduction of approximately four million rupees was done on the instructions of the Prime Minister.

Another massive cut was placed on tour expenses of Prime Minister. Only 1.2 million rupees were spent against the allocated budget of twenty million rupees.

The expenditure on Wages of Household Servant was cut by about thirty million rupees.

Under Prime Minister's Estate Garden Establishment, a reduction of about ten million rupees was done.