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18th Amendment can be modified only after consensus with federating units: President
April 06, 2019


President, Dr Arif Alvi while ruling out to revoke the 18th Constitutional Amendment has said that it could be modified to bring improvement only after the consensus among the federating units.

In an interview with a private news channel, he called for the capacity building of the provinces as there is ample room for improvement in the governance and reforms, particularly in the taxation system.

Replying to a question, Dr Arif Alvi said the 18th Amendment is a part of the constitution and if the constitution could be amended, then why not the 18th Amendment can be improved.

Replying to another question, the President said the country has moved out of terrorism and extremism and now is heading towards economic progress.

Dr Arif Alvi said being nuclear power and one of the most beautiful countries in the world and rich with generous people, nothing could deter Pakistan to achieve progress.

The President said the religious scholars and Imams of mosques should take part in social revolution by creating awareness among the people about social issues including cleanliness, civic responsibilities, malnutrition and breastfeeding.