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UAE unveils new visa rules with objective of attracting more skilled professionals to country
October 05, 2022

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The United Arab Emirates has rolled out new visa rules, with the objective of attracting more skilled professionals to the country.

The Director General of residency and foreigners affairs, Major General Sultan Yusef al-Nuaimi in statement said the visa rules are aimed at improving the quality of life and making the experience of living, working and investing in the UAE a pleasant and happy one.

He said under the new rules, parents are now allowed to sponsor their children until they are 25 years old, up from the previous age of 18.

A five-year, flexible multi-entry tourist visa was also introduced that allows travellers to stay in the UAE for up to 90 days in a row.

Furthermore, he said the job exploration visa, which allows professionals to find employment within the country, does not require an Emirati sponsor or host.