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Pakistan’s Ahmad Safeer breaks India's Guinness World Record of most punches in one minute
October 04, 2022

Ahmad Safeer of Pakistan has broken the Guinness World Record of India's Narayanan N of the most full extension punches in one minute.

His coach Irfan Mehsood, who himself is a serial record breaker, told newsmen that Ahmed, a martial artist from Dera Ismail Khan, did 310 full extension punches in one minute while holding 1 kilogram weight,

Irfan said Ahmed attempted the record in Dera Ismail Khan on May 11. The record was previously held by India's Narayanan, who did 269 punches in one minute, but now Ahmed had become the fastest puncher in the world.1

Ahmad said he aspired to be like his coach, who specialized in weighted pack push-ups and short time frame exercises.