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Pakistan committed to protect rights of minorities: Masood
June 04, 2023

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Masood Khan says the Pakistan is committed to protecting rights of minorities and provides them with an enabling environment to contribute towards socio-economic development and nation-building process

Addressing faith and community leaders at Pakistan House Washington he said that the strong bonds of humanity bind us all together.

The faith leaders comprised Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Sikhs.

The Ambassador said while we maintain our religious beliefs and identities, we have to work collectively, as one community, for the larger national interests and projecting true image of Pakistan.

Masood Khan called for the need to build on commonalities among faiths and to work together to promote inter-faith harmony.

The Ambassador appreciated the services of faith and community leaders including Ilyas Masih, Raj Rathore and others who have been making efforts not only to unite communities but also towards bringing US and Pakistan together through people to people contacts and exchanges. 

President All Neighbors International Ilyas Masih thanked the Ambassador for providing a platform to all faiths and communities and also facilitating people-to-people exchanges. 

Patron in Chief Pakistan Sikh Council Sardar Ramesh Singh Khalsa said that the commitment of the Government of Pakistan towards protection of rights enabled minorities to lead their lives according to the vision of the Founder of the nation.

The leaders said the Embassy of Pakistan is presenting a practical manifestation of vision of the Quaid for Pakistan.