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Analyst urges Int’l community to ensure implementation of UN resolutions on Kashmir issue
February 04, 2024

Syed Ali Raza (Hurriyet leader) We have to continue raising the Kashmir issue on all international forums in order to convince the international community and the decision makers to ensure implementation of UN resolutions on Kashmir issue. The Kashmiri people deserve the help of world powers to get rid of illegal Indian occupation. The Indian forces have turned a haven like Kashmir valley into hell. I hope that the voices of Kashmiris people will be heard across the globe. India claimed that Kashmir is an integral part of India but it has been rejected by the Kashmiri people and the civilized world. India wants to occupy Kashmir through use of brutal force but Kashmiris are continuing their freedom struggle since long and determined to continue till they get their right to self-determination. The people of Kashmir must be given the right of plebiscite. Unfortunately, India is inflexible in resolving the Kashmir issue through dialogue or through UN resolutions. The United Nations has already termed the Indian Illegal Occupied Jammu and Kashmir as the world's largest prison.