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Illegal foreign nationals to be deported after 1st Nov
October 03, 2023

The Federal Government has decided to deport all illegal foreign nationals residing in Pakistan after November 1st to improve law and order situation of the country.

This was announced by Caretaker Interior Minister Sarfaraz Ahmed Bugti while briefing the media persons about the decisions taken at an important meeting of the Apex Committee chaired by Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar in Islamabad.

Army Chief, civil and military officials and other concerned authorities attended the meeting.

The Interior Minister said foreign nationals languishing illegally in the country are being given a deadline of November 1st to leave Pakistan voluntarily. He said all the state law enforcement agencies will be mobilized to take action against the illegal foreign nationals and they will be deported after 1st of November.

Sarfaraz Ahmed Bugti also announced that all illegal properties and businesses being run by these illegal nationals will also be confiscated after November 1st.

He said action will be taken as per the law of the land against any of the Pakistani citizens if he is involved in the illegal businesses and making huge properties by these illegal foreign nationals.

The Minister said a Task Force has also been constituted at the Interior Ministry to launch and monitor these actions.

He said safety and security of the people of Pakistan is the prime responsibility and foremost priority of the government.

The Minister said Afghan Nationals may visit Pakistan through E-Tazkara document from 10th to 31st of this month. Afterwards, Visa and passport both will be compulsory for them to enter into the country.

Sarfaraz Bugti said steps are being taken to streamline the functions of NADRA. He expressed dismay that in the past, foreign nationals made fake national identity card of the country and made illegal travelling documents on the basis of fake card.

Revealing the illegal practices to attain Pakistani nationality, he said any foreign national may add into the family tree of real Pakistani citizen.

The Minister also announced to take DNA test of suspicious individuals in order to tighten the nose against illegal foreign nationals.

He said a Web portal is being established which will offer a Universal Access Number and every Pakistani can give relevant information about the illegal immigrants and illegal practices including smuggling and hoarding. He said the name of the information provider will be kept secret and reward will also be given to him.

Sarfaraz Bugti said Joint Check posts have also been established at the borders of the provinces to tackle challenge of smuggling and hoarding across the country. He vowed to expedite action against people involved in electricity pilferage, Hawala, Hundi and smuggling.

Expressing grave concern over rising tendency of the use of narcotics especially among the youth, Sarfaraz Bugti said Counter Narcotics Center will be established in federal capital.

The Minister reiterated to provide protection to all minorities and said no group or individual will be allowed to suppress them as Islam gives lesson to provide protection to minorities.

Responding to a question, he said there are twenty-four suicide blasts were carried out in Pakistan since January this year, out of which Afghan Nationals were involved into fourteen suicide attacks.

He revealed there are one point seven three million unregistered Afghans residing in the country.