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Experts call upon world to help Pakistan cope with the challenge of climate induced floods
October 03, 2022

Ali Sarwar Naqvi (Former Ambassador): Significantly, this point is quite valid that we are not adding any pollution into the environment by emitting carbon emissions. But it is unfortunate that we are facing the worst of consequences of climate change. The incumbent government has effectively highlighted the issue at the world stage and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif during his visit to the UN General Assembly session pointed out the plight of developing countries that are at the forefront of climate related disasters.  The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres also called for massive global support to Pakistan to cope with the challenge of devastating floods. As developed countries are major carbon polluters, they have a responsibility to pay their share in the form of financial assistance to the developing countries. 

Mome Saleem (Environmentalist): Climate Change is an international issue and we cannot overcome it immediately. The main reason for these climate related changes is carbon emissions as most of our industries use fossil fuels. We have researched about various energy production systems and found that only way out is promoting renewable energy. There is a dire need to bring change in the production systems of the business industries. Many measures have to be taken on infrastructure as well as in our agricultural sectors. New nature based solutions need to be promoted for energy and other productions. The West, despite having more resources and stable economies, is not opting for renewable energy. No one is serious in readapting to new procedures for generating electricity.