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Analysts urge int’l community to take India to task on its state sponsored terrorist activities
May 02, 2024

Brig (Retd) Masood Khan (Defense Analyst): India is involved in killing of Sikh leader in Canada and also involved in killing of Muslim leaders in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Basically, India is working as a policeman for the west in Asia to counter China’s emerging economy. India itself is a big trade market so the international powers support India even on its controversial policies. Most recently, Australia expelled two Indian spies trying to steal secrets. It means India is involved in cross-border terrorism and using terrorism as a tool to pressurize other countries. India has a nexus with western world, Israel and other international players and its ultimate objective is to contain China and its cooperation with Pakistan. Pakistan has provided concrete evidence of Indian involvement in Pakistan at multiple international forums but unfortunately the response of the international community over it is not justified. It is high time that Int’l community take India to task on its involvement in global terrorism.

Brig (Retd) Ahmed Saeed Minhas (Defense Analyst): There is no doubt that India is involved in internal affairs of other countries that is becoming a threat for regional peace and stability. Pakistan has provided dossiers of India involvement in our country at international forums. Meanwhile, India is also involved in sponsoring the separatist organizations and TTP in order to destabilize Pakistan. Meanwhile, India is also alleged to be involved in the killing of a well-known Sikh leader in Canada. The Canadian Prime Minister in order to express solidarity with the Sikh community also participated in rally organized by the Sikh community. Unfortunately, the international community for the sake of its trade interest with India and to contain China in the region has given free hand to India to do whatever it wants to do. Now the voices are also coming from the Western countries over Indian involvement in the country's affairs. The real face of India, particularly the fascist BJP regime, has already been exposed and needs to be countered otherwise peace and stability will be at stake.