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Palestinians are at grave risk of genocide: Analyst
March 02, 2024

Dr. Muhammad Khan (IR Expert): Palestinians are at grave risk of genocide. The conflict in Middle East has been escalating, posing a significant threat to global peace. The Arab World should play its effective role to build pressure on major powers, supporting Israel, to take urgent measures to bring an end to hostilities, lift siege of Gaza, protect civilians, and facilitate humanitarian corridors for provision of uninterrupted relief supplies to the beleaguered people of Gaza. Some major world powers openly support Israel's actions against the Palestinians, a situation that has raised concerns. The world demands a humanitarian ceasefire to ensure that aid reaches the war ridden strip of Gaza.

Dr Farooq Adil  (Political analyst): The contesting candidate of opposition side expressed a positive attitude while facilitating the winning candidate. The challenges faced by the country including economic stability are biggest challenge for the upcoming government. PTI and  JUI-F Chief Maulana Fazl ur Rehman both have different attitudes. Fazl ur Rehman is cognizant of constitution and he is a seasoned politician, so his reservations need to be addressed