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Experts call upon Afghan government to ensure its soil must not be used against Pakistan
February 02, 2023

Dr. A.Z. Hilali (IR Expert): After the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan and the formation of interim Afghan government, the Afghan leadership committed to maintain peace, respect the fundamental rights and let the Afghan soil not be used by any terrorist organization against the other countries. The Taliban government in particular assured Islamabad that Afghan soil will not be used against Pakistan. Pakistan on the other hand, remained engaged with Afghanistan, supported their point of view on all forums and respects Afghan's integrity and sovereignty. Unfortunately, the militant organizations particularly TTP is using Afghan soil for its nefarious designs against Pakistan. After carrying out the cowardly terrorist activities, the militants take refuge in Afghanistan. According to our intelligence agencies, the terrorists take guides from their leaders hiding in Afghanistan. The world needs to take notice of it otherwise the regional peace and stability will always be at stake.

Abdullah Gul (Defense Analyst): Pakistan being the neighbor of Afghanistan remained engaged with Kabul throughout the history and supported the Afghan brethren on all forums. On the other hand, Pakistan has suffered a lot due to instability in Afghanistan. During the Russian and then the United States invasions in Kabul, the political instability and vacuum created in Afghanistan provided an opportunity for the terrorist’s organistaions to flourish there.  India being the arch enemy of Pakistan used this opportunity and established its safe heavens near Pak-Afghan border to carry out terrorist activities inside Pakistan. Indian element in promoting terrorism in our country can never be ignored. The highly ranked serving Indian Navy officer Kulbhushan Yadhav was arrested by our agencies is clear evidence of Indian involvement in internal affairs of Pakistan. The fact is that we need to revamp our foreign policy in order to counter the challenges that Pakistan has been facing in terms of terrorism. The tragic incident in Peshawar is highly condemnable. The government has to empower the counter-terrorism department in the country as we reserve all the rights to deal with the terrorists in an effective way. The sacrifices rendered by our nation against the terrorism will never go in vain. The Afghan Taliban must also comply with the Doha agreement and take strict measures against the militants with safe havens in the war-torn country.