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Info Minister inaugurates Foreign Media Digital Monitoring Wall at DEMP
August 01, 2023

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb inaugurated Foreign Media Digital Monitoring Wall at Directorate of Electronic Media and Publications in Islamabad on Monday.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony, she said through this digital system, information will be disseminated among 52 countries through Radio Pakistan.

She said ninety local and 35 international media channels and social media tools including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube will be monitored through this monitoring system installed first time in the country at Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

The Minister said with the help of this unprecedented Foreign Media Digital Monitoring System, Pakistan's issues will be highlighted at international level.

She said this is central monitoring digital system based on machine learning, real time information, artificial intelligence, video recognition and editing and data research. It will also monitor and assist all departments of the government.

Regarding price hike of petroleum products, Marriyum Aurangzeb said the prices have been increased in the national interest.

She said the coalition government left no stone unturned to save the country from default and did best for improvement of the institutions. She said all efforts were made for rehabilitation and reconstruction of flood-hit people in the country.