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International Day of the Girl Child
October 11, 2018

Today's generation of girls are preparing to enter a world of work that is being transformed by innovation and automation. Educated and skilled workers are in great demand, but roughly a quarter of young people, most of them female, are currently neither employed or in education or training. Of the 1 billion young people, including 600 million adolescent girls that will enter the workforce in the next decade, more than 90% of those living in developing countries will work in the informal sector, where low or no pay, abuse and exploitation are common.

Host:  Azra Intisar

Guest: Khalid lateef, Director (National commission for child welfare and development)

           Syed Ishtiaq Hassan Gillani, CEO (ugood),

           Ishrat Masood, Director General, (Special Education)

Executive producer: Riffat Qayum

Producer: Shahid Afraz Khan, Muhammad Ali Farooqi

It’s a Production of PBC Islamabad.