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Misconceptions about Pakistan Need to Be Updated: Vanessa O’Brien
August 08, 2015

British-American mountain climber Vanessa O'Brien, who was listed in 2015 Guinness Book of World Records, has said there are misconceptions in the West about Pakistan that need to be updated.

In an exclusive interview with Radio Pakistan's Current Affairs Channel, she said these misperceptions should be removed by visiting Pakistan and visit of Pakistani people to other parts of the globe.

She said Islamabad itself is a vibrant city with facilities like any other metropolitan city in the world.

Vanessa O'Brien, who summited Everest, was asked about factors that inhibited her climb to K-2, said K-2 is very tough and she could not make it to the top because of rock-fall, snowfall and avalanches. She said when you climb Everest, you are a mountaineer in the eyes of the world, but when you climb K-2 you are a mountaineer in the eyes of the climbers. She said K-2 fascinates her because while it is not quite as high as Everest, it is technically more challenging with exposed rocks, steeper terrain and higher avalanche risk.