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PM urges world community to step in to counter Hindu Supremacist Agenda of Modi's India
December 12, 2019

Indian government has deployed thousands of troops in Assam State after violent clashes

Dismemberment of Pakistan / 1971 Tragedy and APS School Massacre and Bangladesh’s stance and Sheikh Mujib’s Views on Kashmir (Theme)

US has imposed new sanctions on Iranian airline and its shipping network

Israel heads to unprecedented 3rd election in one year after parliament dissolved

China urges US to earnestly fulfill its special duties on nuclear disarmament

Russia and Turkey pledged to continue cooperation in the military and energy spheres

UK is going to the polls for the country's 3rd general election in less than five years



Host: Syed Sadr-ud-Din Sadr

Co-host: Dr Mujeeb Afzal 

Incharge: Abdul Hamid Malik


US is ready “to simultaneously take concrete steps” toward a deal aimed at getting North


Korea to give up its nuclear and missile programs


Militants killed 71 soldiers in an attack on a remote military camp in Niger