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No military solution to Afghan conflict: FO
January 31, 2018

Foreign Office says Quadrilateral Consultative Group involving Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and the United States is the most appropriate forum to help take the Afghan owned and Afghan peace process forward.

Foreign Office spokesman Dr. Muhammad Faisal in an interview with Radio Pakistan's Current Affairs Channel said Pakistan supports all peace initiatives to resolve Afghan problem.

He said that all sorts of weapons and ammuniton were used in Afghanistan during the last seventeen years but no substantial achievement was made in achieving peace. He said Afghan and other issues can only be addressed through dialogue as military solution has totally failed.

He said Pakistan's concern about Afghan issue should also be addressed. About the possible outcome of the Kabul process next month, Dr. Muhammad Faisal said it depends on the attitude of the Afghan Government. He said there are issues like repatriation of Afghan refugees to their homeland with dignity and honour, exponential rise in drugs and poppy cultivation and use of the drug money to fuel the war economy and attacks on Pakistan side from Afghan soil.

Pakistan has agreed to extend the agreement of the rail link between Munabao and Khokhrapar for another three years from 1st February, 2018 to 31st January, 2021

Foreign Office Spokesperson, in a statement, said the rail link facilitates people to people contacts which Pakistan believes are essential for improving relations between both the countries.

The agreement was signed in 2006.