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New coronavirus causing havoc in rich countries
March 29, 2020

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The new coronavirus is causing havoc in rich countries.

According to a UK based renowned newspaper The Economist, damage what Covid-19 caused is often overlooked in poor ones, which could be even worse. It says official data do not begin to tell the story.

The Paper opines that there is no vaccine so there is no cure. A very rough guess is that, without a campaign of social distancing, between 25% and 80% of a typical population will be infected.

The Paper further writes that the tradeoff between saving lives and saving livelihood is excruciating .It quoted Prime Minister Imran Khan’s worry that if we shut down the cities, we will save people from Corona at one end but they will die with Hunger.

For poor places, this implies calamity as their health care systems are in no position to cope. The Paper opines that people in poor countries may be young but they have weak immune systems because of malnutrition, Tuberculosis or HIV.

The paper writes that many poor and low income countries face balance of payment crisis and collapse in government revenues as they need to raise health related spending and imports to reduce the death toll.

Dozens of developing countries have ordered lockdown. The paper pressed G-20 nations to be generous while setting out plans.

The Economist went on saying that it’s too late to avoid large number of deaths but not too late to avert catastrophe.