Thursday, 21 October 2021, 04:45:50 pm
Peace in Afghanistan is shared responsibility of int'l community
September 27, 2021

Dr. Zahid Anwar Khan (IR expert)The PM Imran Khan has highlighted the Afghan issue in an effective manner. The world community must facilitate Afghanistan to cope with future challenges. Pakistan has a clear stance that the global community must recognize the Taliban's government. Pakistan has rendered matchless sacrifices for regional peace which must be acknowledged by the West. The United States must not make Pakistan a scapegoat to hide its failure in Afghanistan. The world must provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan. The world must not abandon Afghanistan at this point of time. It is an opportunity for the world powers to sustain durable peace in Afghanistan. Peace in the region cannot prevail without peace and stability in Afghanistan.

 Dr. Amna Mehmood (IR Expert): The Prime Minister Imran Khan is consistently advocating Pakistan's stance that the world should recognize the Taliban and give them some time to stabilize Afghanistan. Taliban ruling a war torn country and we need to facilitate the Taliban in rebuilding Afghanistan. Pakistan is committed to endorse every initiative taken for regional peace. The West is not happy because Taliban do not fit in the western manifestation of modernization and civilization. Pakistan is pursuing an effective diplomacy and heading towards the right direction as far as diplomacy is concerned.

Shahid Hassan Siddique (Economist): Karachi is a densely populated city  and improvement in Transportation infrastructure is the real need of the city. Groundbreaking of Karachi Circular Railway project is highly beneficial for the people of Karachi city. The karachiites would be able to reach their work station in time and it would boost their quality of work. It is appreciable that the  incumbent government realizes the importance of effective coordination between provincial and federal government. Pakistan is emerging as an economic hub and we need to remain united to maximize the benefits of international investments. Implementation of an effective mechanism for tax collection is imperative for sustainable development.

Dr. Noor Fatima (Economist): Karachi is the economic hub of Pakistan. It is very encouraging that the incumbent government is taking keen interest in the development of Karachi. Pakistan needs to uplift its economy for survival in the post pandemic phase. Infrastructure development is vital for attracting international investors. Infrastructural development would boost economic activities. Availability of resources and opportunities in rural areas are imperative for Sustainable development .Overpopulation in Karachi poses a serious threat to development.