Thursday, 21 October 2021, 05:03:08 pm
Prime Minister Imran Khan effectively highlighted Kashmir and Afghanistan issues at UNGA: Analysts
September 25, 2021

Ali Muhammad Khan (Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs) : Prime Minister Imran Khan's virtual speech at UNGA session is the true representation of the entire Muslims world. PM talked about the major global issues and bravely presented Pakistan's narrative in front of the world. Prime Minister Imran Khan exposed the real face of Narendra Modi in front of the world and exposed the rising Hindutva extreme ideology in Indian society. He also highlighted the rising issue of Islamophobia in the West. The PM Imran Khan emphasized on the need of recognizing Taliban's government in Afghanistan. The Western powers must take concrete steps to resolve the issue of Palestine. Israel is the illegitimate child of the West. Israel and India are two terrorist states committing worst brutalities on the Muslims of Kashmir and Palestine. The Zionists are pursuing the policy of oppression. No peace can prevail in the world without resolving the issues of Palestine and Kashmir.

Najmuddin Shaikh (Former Ambassador):  The PM highlighted some key regional and global issues in a very effective manner. The PM raised the issue of Kashmir and sensitized the world community regarding gross human rights violations committed by fascist Indian government in IIOJK. He recalled the time when Pakistan extended its offer to resolve the issue of Kashmir through negotiations, but unfortunately, it was not welcomed by the Modi regime. Talking about Afghanistan, he emphasized on the need to recognize the Taliban's government and help them rebuild Afghanistan. Peace in the world cannot be achieved without stabilizing Afghanistan. The PM rightly said that it is not right to equate terrorism with Islam.

Dr.Talat Wazarat  (IR Expert):The PM’s virtual speech at UNGA is very significant . The world powers must make collective efforts for global peace. The United States has always preferred war over negotiation and we hope that the Biden administration would change its policies after the Afghan war. The United States is habitual of imposing wars on small countries and it is high time for the United States to learn lessons and revise its policies.