Thursday, 21 October 2021, 04:27:38 pm
Analysts say India is engaged in nefarious designs to destabilize Pakistan; stress need for reconstruction of Afghanistan
September 23, 2021

Dr. Amna Mehmood (IR Expert): 

India is engaged in nefarious designs to destabilize Pakistan. India is habitual of manipulating things and events. India has never been serious about resolving the Kashmir issue. Unfortunately, the world powers ignore Indian atrocities for their economic and strategic interests in India, which shows that the economic interests have priority over human rights for them. There are no education and health facilities, economic and job opportunities and justice for the people in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK). The global community must not ignore India's obsession for regional hegemony. India is involved in state sponsored terrorism and sabotaging regional peace. Pakistan is facing the consequences of saying ‘absolutely not’ to the United States for providing bases to it. We have changed our foreign policy from geo-political to geo economic. Pakistan wants to engage in development projects but cannot operate as a proxy state to world powers. Islamabad must strengthen its regional connectivity approach. Pakistan must take appropriate measures to justify its approach and effectively propagate its stance on the international level. We must maintain ties with the other countries on the basis of respect and equality.

Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal (IR Expert):

The reconstruction and economic uplift of Afghanistan lies on the shoulders of the world powers. The international forces have destroyed Afghanistan and now it is high time to assist and facilitate Afghanistan in its reconstruction. The neighbors of Afghanistan are the most vulnerable states as far as the security situation in the country is concerned. China is playing an effective role for the reconstruction in Afghanistan and to stabilize the political and economic situation of the country. 

Dr. Huma Bakai (IR Expert):

India has been exposed for propagating its toxic agenda against Pakistan. India's involvement in spreading fake news and fake tweets regarding New Zeeland cricket team has again exposed India at the international front. India is playing the role of a proxy to contain China's economic influence. Pakistan has tangible proof, which exposes India's state sponsored terrorism. Indian fascist government is involved in drug trafficking.  Despite all the evidences against India, the world powers have observed criminal silence.

Dr.Talat Wazarat (IR Expert):

Pakistan has a clear stance that the international community must not abandon Afghanistan at this point of time. Political and security stability in Afghanistan is highly imperative for regional peace. Afghanistan is at the verge of humanitarian crisis. Pakistan has asked the global community to take collective efforts to rebuild Afghanistan. Taliban must be given an opportunity to present their stance in front of the world. The United States must return the assets of Afghanistan to the Taliban.