Thursday, 21 October 2021, 04:48:32 pm
Analysts urge the international community to not forsake Afghanistan in hour of need
September 21, 2021

Dr. Huma Baqai (IR expert): Pakistan has played a remarkable role in safe evacuation of foreign nationals from Afghanistan. Pakistan has always facilitated the Afghan peace process. Taliban have acknowledged Islamabad's positive role in Afghan peace. India is trying to malign Pakistan and sabotage the Afghan peace process. The International community must engage positively with the Taliban. The global powers must help the Taliban in rebuilding Afghanistan. A humanitarian crisis is about to unfold in Afghanistan if the international community does not come forward to avert it. A collaborative solution is imperative to resolve the issue of global warming. Climate change is a great threat to the world and we must play a positive role to mitigate the impacts of global warming. Collective efforts should be taken to make the world a better place.

Dr. Talat Wizarat (IR Expert): The United States is frustrated due to its failure in Afghanistan. Taliban would not allow interference of the United States into internal matters of Afghanistan. The global powers must help the Taliban to establish an inclusive government in Kabul. It is the responsibility of the United States to financially assist the Taliban to rebuild Afghanistan. Peace in the region depends on sustainable peace in Afghanistan. The regional powers must come forward to make collective efforts for political stability in Afghanistan. Washington does not have moral ground for imposing conditions on Afghanistan.

Arif Kamal (Former Ambassador): Pakistan is looking to an inclusive government in Afghanistan. The representation of different ethnic groups in Afghan administration is appreciable. Pakistan's position in the region is firm and we do not believe in the policy of interference. Taliban are heading in the right direction as far as formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan is concerned. UNGA session is an opportunity for Pakistan to give its point of view and present national consensus in front of the world. Pakistan is critically important to bring peace in the region. Peace in Afghanistan is not possible without Pakistan's facilitation. International community must not abandon Afghanistan and make collective efforts to rebuild the war torn country.