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CORRIGENDUM 21-06-2019
June 21, 2019




Reference Tender Notice for purchase of stationery and consumable items duringthe year 2019-20 and uploaded on Radio Pakistan website on 17-06-2019, theTender submission deadline and opening of proposal for the supply of stationeryand consumable items mentioned in the Tender Documents may be read as 08-07-2019 instead of 14-07-2019. The sealed bids can be submitted by 11:00 am in theoffice of the undersigned and these will be opened in the presence of the bidders ortheir representatives at 11:30 am on 08-07-2019. Other terms and conditions willremain the same.The Tender Notice advertisement is available in the Urdu section of RadioPakistan's website while the tender documents can be downloaded from theEnglish section of the same website.


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