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Situation in Occupied Kashmir much worse than shown on media: Report
August 20, 2019

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Iran's Press TV reports that what is taking place in Occupied Kashmir is much worse than shown on the media.

According to a multimedia report carried by Press TV, India's action of withdrawing the special status of occupied Kashmir and deployment of additional troops in the held territory has worsened already-heightened tensions in the region.

It said India has carried out a major crackdown in Occupied Kashmir, martyring several people and arresting dozens of others.

It said the Secretary General of United Nations is also concerned about the situation in occupied Kashmir.

An interviewee explaining plight of the Kashmiris in the report said a military coup has taken place in occupied Kashmir and now Indian army has over one million troops in the region.

He said people have not been able to leave their homes because of curfew.

The report said people of occupied Kashmir are not alone as many people in Iran and across the world have expressed solidarity with them.