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Japan keen to import Basmati rice, establishing mutual agriculture research
July 07, 2020

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Ambassador of Japna Matsuda Kuninori has showed keen interest for developing mutual agricultural research and importing Basmati rice from Pakistan in order to further strengthen bilateral trade between the two countries.

He showed the interest during meeting with Minister for National Food Security and Research Syed Fakhar Imam in Islamabad.

They also discussed ways and means to enhance mutual cooperation in different sectors.

Fakhar Imam stressed the need for enhancing mutual cooperation in transfer of technology from Japan particularly agricultural machinery.

He asked for providing market access of Pakistani citrus in Japan based on historical trade of citrus fruit with China, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Iran.

Matsuda Kuninori mentioned that Pakistani mango was more fragrant and showed interest in export of Basmati Rice from Pakistan.

Pakistan exported 3847 thousand USD of Basmati Rice last year to Japan.