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September 28, 2019

Topic: Prime Minister Imran Khan address to United Nations General Assembly


Participants of Live Transmission:


Sardar Attique Ahmad Khan , Former Prime Minister of AJK


The Muslim world deserves more leaders like Imran khan. A bold speech of over 40 minutes. PM Imran Khan has made history as no one has ever had speak like this, delivered with passion and feelings from the heart.

 Jahangir Khan , Senior Political Leader AJK


Prime Minister Imran Khan Speech at UNGA has exposed India over the dispute of Occupied Kashmir. It is a test case for the United Nations to implement its resolutions on issue of Kashmir.

 Lt. Col (R) Khalid Taimur Akram, Senior Analyst Regional & Global Affairs


Prime Minister Imran Khan made a perfect speech at UNGA. He is a true leader of muslim ummah and Pakistan. Prime Minister made all of us proud. Whole Muslim world and whole nations stand behind PM and he is a real ambassador and voice of Kashmiris.

 Dr. Rizwana Abbasi , Senior Analyst International Affairs


Prime Minister Imran Khan proved that he is not just a leader of Pakistan & Kashmir but a Leader for all Muslims & one of the biggest voices of Humanity & Islam. Soon he will lead Muslims of world back to the grace and dignity.

 Naeem Baig, Kashmiri Activist ( Live from Virginia USA)


The passion for Pakistan, Kashmiris and other Muslims around the world was visible in the PM's speech.PM Imran Khan spoke as the son of the soil a true leader who strives for peace and betterment of his people .Whole Pakistani nation stands behind him in every word.

 Ch Mudassar Iqbal , Senior Analyst Kashmir Affairs ( Studio Analyst)


Host: Tasawar Zaman Babar, Jawad Ahmad

Production Team: Jarullah, Shahid Afraz Khan, Saba Akhtar, Ali Farooqi & Faiza Ishfaq

Executive Producer: Riffat Qayyum and Awais Afzal

It is PBC Islamabad Production.