Tuesday, 22 June 2021, 03:40:31 am
Pakistan Economic Survey 2020-21 is a testament of stabilization policies of the government for economic revival

Dr. Salman Shah (Advisor to Punjab Government): Pakistan Economic Survey 2020-21 is a testament of the stabilizationpolicies of the government for economic revival.  A number of economic indicators have shown improvement despite the challenging environment of Covid-19. Growth has been witnessed in agriculture, services and other sectors while interest rate has come down.  GDP of around 4% is a good achievement and the government is determined to take it to 7% next year. It was a good year for exports and stock markets and the share of Foreign Direct Investment and local investments has increased. Government has paid special attention to construction, IT, agriculture and exports sectors that will further boost the economy. Overall, the economic situation in Pakistan is getting better with the time. Punjab government is contributing to the economic revival and this year division-wise development will be reviewed. There are nine divisions in Punjab and each division will be taken care of in accordance with its strength.  Chief Minister’s District Development Program is being launched that will support infrastructure development in every division.  Schools have been upgraded and health cards distributed in every district.