Tuesday, 28 September 2021, 06:21:24 am
President emphasizes need for using latest technology to curb tax evasion
July 30, 2021

President Arif Alvi has emphasized the need for using latest technology to curb tax evasion.

Addressing an awareness seminar for taxpayers in Islamabad on Friday, he said tax evasion is venom for any country and it is because of corruption, the nations fail.

The President stressed that taxation is essential to run the affairs of the country. He said our tax to GDP ratio is mere ten percent which is very low when compared with the rest of the world. He said this is the reason we have to take loans.  He regretted that the people lack the spirit to pay taxes and presents different pretexts for not paying taxes.

President Arif Alvi said the data is available with the FBR and NADRA to bring the potential people into the tax net. He said loopholes in the system must be curbed. Simultaneously, he said it is essential to build the confidence of the people that their tax money will be used at the right place.

The President said there is also need to arrange tax awareness seminars in other cities where the traders and representatives of chambers of commerce are invited.

President Arif Alvi especially commended the performance of different ombudsmen including that of Federal Tax Ombudsman saying they are swiftly resolving the complaints of the people.

The President said that government has taken effective decisions during the coronavirus pandemic, which helped in containing its spread. He said the country's economy is also improving owing to the prudent economic policies of the incumbent government.

Federal Tax Ombudsman Mushtaq Ahmad Sukhera also spoke on the occasion.