Saturday, 25 September 2021, 10:41:00 am
Afghanistan: 29 killed in different incidents of violence
May 30, 2021

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In Afghanistan, at lease 29 people were killed while dozens others injured in different incidents of violence in Herat, Kapisa, Parwan and Laghman provinces.

Four people including two university lecturers were killed and several others were wounded when a roadside bomb struck their bus in the Parwan province.

On the other hand, ten civilians were killed and eight more were wounded when a mortar landed on a home where a wedding ceremony was underway in Tagab district in Kapisa province.

In another incident, six railway guards were killed as a roadside bomb hit their car in the Herat province.

Meanwhile, nine Taliban were killed as security forces stormed their hideout in Alishing district of Laghman province today.

In a statement issued today, the Afghan interior ministry accused the Taliban of killing nearly 250 civilians and wounding more than 500 in roadside bomb blasts and other attacks over the past month.