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Analysts hail Prime Minister’s commitment to turn Pakistan into an Islamic welfare state
November 29, 2021

Dr. Masoom Yasinzai (Religious Scholar & Rector IIUI): Prime Minister Imran Khan has repeatedly emphasized the need to implement Islamic laws in the country. The establishment of Rehmat ul lil Alamin Authority implies that the incumbent government is putting efforts in inculcating religious values in the society. The educational institutions should play a constructive role in enlightening the younger generations with teachings of Islam. Prime Minister Imran Khan has rightly said that societies without moral values and ethos fail to progress. There is a dire need to revisit the moral standards of social fabric and to realign them with the spirits of Islam.

Dr. Muhammad Tufail (Religious Scholar): The young generation of Muslims needs to know about the life and practices of Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). The life of Holy Prophet (S.A.W) is a role model for Muslims of current era to align their practices with the teachings of Islam. Every action of the last Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) had some logic behind it that had novel impact on the social fabric. The Arabs were savages and fanatics before the arrival of Islam. Islam enlightened the dark minds of Arabs and those teachings should not be alienated from the daily life of Muslims in current epoch. The peaceful coexistence of different schools of thought is the beauty of Pakistan. Religious scholars in Pakistan have always promoted religious harmony and have avoided unnecessary interventions in the delicate matters of other sects or religions. 

Asif Khan (General Secretary of Overseas Pakistanis Council): The PTI-led government is being lauded by the expatriate Pakistani community for providing them with their democratic 'Right to Vote'. The Pakistani community abroad is overwhelmed with joy to cast their votes for the first time in the history. The Overseas Pakistanis are determined to play a constructive role in strengthening democracy and to boost economic growth of the country. The opposition parties should not abuse their legislative rights and neither should Overseas Pakistanis be deprived of their fundamental democratic rights.

Brig. (Retd.) Said Nazir: (Defense Analyst): The regional and global powers have dual standards as they can tolerate Afghan women die due to starvation but not wear veils. The global powers, especially the US, should stop making absurd excuses for not providing the Taliban government with financial support. The regional actors should also step ahead and do something practically for averting the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. The economic turmoil in Afghanistan might lead to security crisis as the terrorist organizations can easily nurture in such conditions. Taliban need humanitarian aid rather suggestions from the international community as mere sagacious proposals from the US cannot cut short the economic crisis. All those global and regional powers that readily participated in the Afghan war should be obliged to help Afghanistan in resurrection. The US should stop fabricating and demonizing the image of Afghan Taliban through spin. Elsewise, the fire they are playing with will spread into the whole jungle.