Tuesday, 28 March 2023, 11:33:44 pm
Experts term use of alternative energy resources as indispensable to contain import bill of fuel
December 28, 2022

Dr. Ejaz Ahmed (Environmentalist): Pakistan is naturally self-sufficient in alternative energy resources like sunlight, wind corridors, hydel and wave energy. All these resources are available in ample quantity and already been explored. The only thing missing is to take some practical steps for implementation of these policies to effectively tap the true potential of these resources. Pakistan can even use the potential of using wave energy to produce cheap electricity, as the country is having a long coastal belt and one of the world’s best canal systems where water is flowing most of the time in the year.  On the other hand, we cannot afford to spend a huge amount of foreign reserves in purchasing the fuel as the prices of petroleum products are increasing with every passing day. So, it is a great initiative of incumbent government to explore and use alternative energy resources. And secondly, the introduction of electric vehicles is another step which must be appreciated that will contribute a lot in saving valuable foreign reserves.

Tahir Basharat Cheema (Energy Expert): Pakistanis rich in alternative energy resources and practically generated a good amount of energy by using these resources in past during the years 2013-18. The menace of load shedding was controlled during that time by using alternative energy resources. Incumbent government led by Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif is taking several measures to think about producing cheap energy by these abundantly available alternative energy resources. There are already several well established departments working on energy issues as well. Now, it is the responsibility of concerned ministries and other relevant departments to formulate some well researched policies in this regard.