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Analysts appreciate the measures taken by PTI-led government to uplift the common man
November 28, 2021

Dr. Habib ur Rehman Asim (Religious Scholar): Pakistan has been founded on the spirits and principles of Islamic ideology. It is the rightful duty of Muslims across the globe to unite over a common cause and establish the State of Madinah. The recent statement of Prime Minister Imran Khan is a good omen and the religious scholars have always supported the government in this cause. Islam provides a lucid political and economic ideologue that should be disseminated among the young Muslim generation. Although, West is ruling the world either in the domain of politics or knowledge but Islam offers indigenous world order that should be followed by Muslims. Pakistan is overwhelmed with intelligent and creative minds and the West is using brain drain strategy to extract talent from the South Asian country. The State of Madinah should be founded while keeping such issues in view. The State of Madinah should contain a conducive environment for development and progress of the younger generation of Muslims. 

Dr. Dost Muhammad (Religious Scholar): Prime Minister Imran Khan is trying to materialize his idea of establishment of the State of Madinah since he took over the reins of the government. The opposition parties should abandon the politics of political rhetoric.  Imran Khan had promised to alleviate poverty across the country. It is quite evident from the recent welfare and social protection programs like Ehsaas that the PTI-led government is a common man's government. Imran Khan is the only hope of the underprivileged segments of Pakistan. The incumbent government is providing equal opportunities for education and progress to the younger generation of Pakistan. The international Muslim community lauds the efforts of Prime Minister Imran Khan to establish the State of Madinah in the current epoch of Islamophobia. 

Abdullah Gul (IR Expert): President Arif Alvi has rightly raised the risk of impending humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and the regional powers should help them in this situation. The global powers like Russia and America have exploited the land of Afghanistan for seeking primacy in international politics. The US stayed in Afghanistan till the time the cycle of their war economy was intact. The regional countries should pay heed to the looming humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan as economic integration will fail without regional peace and stability. The economic instability in Afghanistan will harbor terrorist organizations in the region that will corrode the pillars of regional peace. So, the regional powers should step ahead and help Afghan Taliban in the establishment of law and order. Moreover, the United Nations should shun their hypocritical behavior and urge the US to clean up their mess in Afghanistan. 

Nadeem Raza (IR Expert): Every organization of economic integration is founded and steered in accordance with the interests of great powers. The member states are mostly free riders that enjoy economic or political benefits if their interests fall in commonality with the interests of great powers. The current humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is lingering as it is not in the national interest of great powers to bear the economic burden of war torn country. International community should keep aside their national interests as ignoring Afghanistan in the current situation will have devastating consequences on regional peace and stability. The United Nations should mobilize its standing committees otherwise its fate will be the same as of the League of Nations.