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PSX remains bullish
November 27, 2019

The Pakistan Stock Exchange was bullish today.

The KSE-100 Index closed today at 38122.72 points as compared to 37795.05 points on the last working day with a positive change of 327.67  points.

The total turnover was 228,419,190  as compared to 488,701,071 on the last working day with Unity Foods Ltd having the highest turnover of 24,032,000.

Total 366 companies’ transacted shares in the Stock Market today, out of which 231 recorded gain and 118 sustained losses whereas the share price of 17 companies remained unchanged.

Pakistan Tobacoo recorded the maximum increase in its share price, which was 116.00 rupees while Unilever FoodsXD  recorded maximum decrease of 345.00 rupees.