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Afghan Taliban urged to join peace process
December 27, 2017

Pakistan, China and Afghanistan have called upon Afghan Taliban to join a broad-based and inclusive peace process.

The call came in a joint statement issued after the trilateral Foreign Ministers' dialogue in Beijing.

The Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi after the conclusion of the trilateral meeting said   Pakistan and Afghanistan have agreed to improve their relations as soon as possible.

He said the two sides unanimously expressed the point that they will not allow any party or force to use their territories to engage in the activities that would undermine the security of the other side.

The Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif at the Beijing meeting expressed the hope for progress on proposals to improve trade and cooperation in securing their border areas.

He said Pakistan emphasized the importance of border management, the return of Afghan refugees and intelligence sharing for effective counter-terrorism cooperation.

The Chinese Foreign Minister said China and Pakistan are willing to discuss with Afghanistan, under the principle of mutual benefit and win-win, the possibility of extending the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to Afghanistan.

He said Afghanistan has urgent need to develop and improve people’s lives and hopes it can join inter-connectivity initiatives.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said China hoped the economic corridor could benefit the whole region and act as an impetus for development.

Wang Yi said it needs the three countries to reach a gradual consensus, tackling easier, smaller projects first, Wang said, without giving details.

He said Pakistan and China have agreed to extend the fifty-seven billion dollars CPEC project to Afghanistan.

Pakistani Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif said his country and China are “iron brothers”.

He said the successful implementation of CPEC projects will serve as a model for enhancing connectivity and cooperation through similar projects with neighboring countries, including Afghanistan, Iran and with central and west Asia.”