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Analysts hope granting right to vote to overseas Pakistanis will strengthen democracy
November 26, 2021

Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal (IR Expert): The overseas Pakistani community is working diligently for the betterment of Pakistan. Right to vote is their constitutional right and the government of Pakistan has taken right step at the right time. The overseas community is encouraged to participate in the general elections even in the democracies like the US. The inclusion of overseas community in the general elections will yield win-win situation as their votes will be casted rationally. The foreign remittances are crucial for the economic development of Pakistan and the incumbent government is determined to provide proper channel for foreign exchange.  

Riaz Hassan (Overseas Pakistani, UK): The PTI-led government has delivered their promise by providing overseas Pakistanis with 'right to vote'. It was quite a bold step and Prime Minister Imran Khan should be lauded for his boldness. The overseas community has cordially welcomed the decision of Pakistan's government. Pakistan has embraced a paradigm shift in their political landscape and the overseas community is looking forward to an inclusive decision making system. Overseas Pakistanis have been included in the decision making process for the first time in the history since independence. Such political developments will pave way for them to share their input in the progress of Pakistan. Pakistan's overseas community is well aware of the legislation that is imperative to their eligibility for voting in general elections. There is some ambiguity about the modus operandi of the voting process but everything will get clear once the federal government devises a consolidated policy.  

Sharjeel Malik (Overseas Pakistani, UK): The overseas Pakistanis are deeply interested in the political developments taking place at home country. The recent decision of giving 'right to vote' by the incumbent government has proved that overseas Pakistanis are an integral part of the nation. Right to vote is the fundamental democratic right of every individual and Pakistan has once again proved to the international community that it is a democratic country. The digitalization of the visa renewal and attestation process by the consulates has brought relief to the overseas Pakistani community. The Pakistani community abroad is looking forward to digitalization of the voting process that will enable them to fully participate in the general elections. 

Brig. (Retd.) Ghazanfar Ali (Defense Analyst): The peace in Afghanistan is dependent on the economic stability in the country. The Taliban led government is trying their best to ensure a law and order situation but the havocs of economic instability are posing severe obstacles. The US has destroyed the resources as well as the social fabric of Afghanistan for its parochial interests. The contemporary economic turmoil in Afghanistan is the result of the unceremonious exit of the US from the war-torn country.  The international community should expose the American fascism at international forums in the same way as brutalities of holocaust are highlighted to demonize Hitler. The Modi's regime is spoiling the peace process in Afghanistan. The regional powers should step forward  and help Afghan Taliban in averting the impending humanitarian crisis.