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Analysts term Indian aggression along LoC as threat to regional peace, stability
November 26, 2020

Dr. Zahid Anwar Khan (IR Expert): India is a peace spoiler country in the region. India's deteriorating ties with its neighboring countries indicate its hegemonic agenda. Indian troops deliberately target innocent civilians at LoC which is a clear violation of international laws. India and Pakistan are two nuclear states and any confrontation between these two countries can bring catastrophic consequences. Kashmir is a nuclear flash point and resolving the Kashmir issue is imperative for global peace and stability. The people of Kashmir have strongly denied Indian illegal occupation. Pakistan is committed to continue its moral and diplomatic support to the people of Kashmir in their legit struggle of self determination and free plebiscite. The international media has also exposed the worst human rights violations committed by Indian troops.

Dr. Raees Baksh (IR Expert):   The world powers must realize that the US tilt towards India is destabilizing power of balance and posing serious threat to the regional peace and  stability .We need to explore every possible option to highlight the Kashmir issue at international forums. Pakistan will continue sensitizing the international community regarding worst human rights violations in Kashmir .OIC is the most effective forum to highlight the Kashmir issue and found its solution .Pakistan strongly condemns India's illegal actions in IIOJK.

Lt Gen Retd Asif Yasin Malik (Defense Analyst): The RSS hooligans in IIOJK are roaming freely to target innocent Muslims to suppress the indigenous freedom movement. Unfortunately the world powers have observed criminal silence over the Kashmir issue. The world powers have folded a blind eye towards Indian brutalities for economic and strategic interests. India must be ashamed of its inhuman activities in the held valley. India is the most corrupt country in Asia. Indian government is committing ethnic cleansing to implement its malicious agenda in IIOJK. Pakistan is pursuing a very effective diplomacy to highlight the Indian brutalities in IIOJK .Pakistan has provided unchallengeable evidence to expose India's hegemonic designs. Pakistan security forces are capable enough to give a befitting response to Indian misadventure.

Ali Sarwar Naqvi (Former Ambassador): It is high time for the Muslim world to make collective efforts to safeguard the rights of Muslim all over the world. OIC has a clear stance regarding Kashmir that right of self determination is the jus right of people of Kashmir. Pakistan's participation in OIC has great significance as far as the issue of Kashmir is concerned. The Muslim world should pressurize India to stop atrocities in the held valley and resolve the issue of Kashmir in accordance with the UN resolutions. It is need of the hour to take practical steps to stop the worst human rights violations in IIOJK.