Saturday, 25 September 2021, 11:53:34 am
People of AJ&K repose full trust in policies of Imran Khan
July 26, 2021

Zartaj Gul (Minister of State for Climate Change):  The people of Kashmir have acknowledged the Prime Minister Imran Khan as their true ambassador. The general masses in AJK have trust in the vision of PM Imran Khan. The PTI-led government has plans to expand the horizon of Ehsas program in AJK .PTI is now in the position to form a majority government in AJ&K . The opposition parties have failed to deliver in AJK and only played ethnic cards to win the elections. It is highly unfortunate that their whole campaign was based on grudges and revenge. The people of Kashmir are the most politically sensitized people. Every person in Kashmir is complaining about the increasing corruption. The brave people of Kashmir deserve a great leader like Imran khan.

Noureen Ibrahim (Leader PTI): The people of Kashmir are politically well aware and need a change. The PTI-led government has won the election on the basis of its performance. PTI has won the election with a clear majority. I congratulate the people of Kashmir who wisely utilized their votes and gave lead to the right person. The PTI-led government has achieved some remarkable millstones during the first three years of the government. 

Altaf Hameed Rao(Senior Journalist): Winning the election of Azad and Jammu Kashmir  is a great and significant victory for Pakistan Tehreek-e -Insaf. It was an expected and well predicted victory because of PTI’s popularity in Azad and Jammu Kashmir. PTI's efforts to highlight the Kashmir issue at the international forums put very positive impacts on the political surface of AJ&K.  It is appreciable that Prime Minister Imran khan has emerged as a true ambassador  of Kashmiri people. The progress of remote and marginalized areas of AJ&K are the top most priority of the PTI-led government. The incumbent government realizes its responsibility. The people of Kashmir need a change now and PTI has emerged as their only hope. The previous political parties in Azad Kashmir did not meet the expectations of Kashmiri people. Now PTI is in better position to raise the issue of Kashmir at international front and work for the marginalized segments of society in AJ&K.

Lt. Gen.  Retd.  Asif Yaseen Malik (Defense Analyst): Pakistan and China are committed to the peaceful settlement of Afghan issue. The US adventurism has destroyed the whole country which adversely affected the whole region. There are chances of peaceful transition in Afghanistan. The Afghan national army is not powerful enough to combat warlords and Taliban. We should be prepared for the extreme condition after complete withdrawal of US troops. Islamabad has always emphasized on the need of resolving the Afghan issue through Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process. Pakistan army believes in humanitarianism